The editorial board of New Era Agriculture Magazine consists of renowned academics from several Indian universities as well as subject area specialist editors and research scientists from various research organizations. Chief Editor and subject matter specialist editors examine all the articles provided to us. The articles that are not formatted properly or that defy our publication criteria will not be approved. If the editorial board considers the article may be improved, it is submitted to a group of topic specialist editors and reviewers for revision. These articles are published in the next issue after a thorough review and edits. Only original “Popular articles” or “Technical articles” that have never been published before or not currently being considered for publication elsewhere may be submitted. Any quarry concerning the publication and submission of the article ought to be addressed via contact us. The copyright of the article belongs to the publisher upon acceptance
1. Articles would be published in every monthly issue.
2. All authors of the article must be an annual member.
3. All authors would be assigned a membership certificate and unique membership id after payment of membership fees.
4. Publication fees for annual members are 100% free. However, if co-authors are not annual/life member a nominal charge is kept. Kindly visit publication fees tab for details. A very nominal publication fees have been fixed for non-member authors.
5. New Era Agriculture magazine would only accept magazine articles and popular stories which are submitted in proper format. 
6. The articles should be in prescribed word format (.doc/.docx).
7. Articles which are sent to us without proper format would be rejected (Sample Article)
8. Every month have a particular date which is given at the bottom of the home page. After the due date, no articles can be accepted as the page composer/designer need sufficient time to release an issue.
9. Articles should not be more than 2-4 pages.
10. Article must have an introduction paragraph and a conclusion paragraph.
11. Articles must be informative, innovative and trending.
12. Tables, figures and good quality photographs are always desirable.
13. Title should be short and informative of the content with 14 font size of bold “Times New Roman”.
14. Complete addresses of all authors should be given below the title with 12 font size of Times New Roman” and email of corresponding author must be given after the addressees with 12 font size of bold Times New Roman”.
15. The font size of the text should be of 12 pt but main headings may be of 14 pt and subheadings of 12 pt but bold.
16. Units in metric system; full forms of all abbreviations used in table; source of data should be given in detail.
17. Units of measurement, symbols and standard abbreviations should conform to those recommended by the International Union of Biochemistry (IUB) and the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).
18. Metric measurements are preferred and dosages should be expressed entirely in metric units (SI units). In exceptional circumstances, others may be used, provided they are consistent.
19. Author is solely responsible for plagiarism issues in their article.
20. The published (soft copy) article in the respective Magazine shall be dropped in your e-mail. You can also download the same from the site.

Article must be submitted from the author of correspondence through email attachment to the Managing Editor at or “Submit Article Online” link on the homepage.