Communication of information that is both effective and content-rich is essential. New Era Agriculture Magazine assists in communicating such information to the grassroots and to all such agencies, institutes, organizations, and stakeholders in the industry, keeping them up to date on the newest advances in agriculture, allied sciences and agribusiness.

New Era Agriculture magazine has a strong run due to its comprehensive content and distinctive and visually appealing presentation of crucial information. The magazine has evolved into a highly valuable and excellent forum for exchanging comprehensive market and industry data, economic and policy challenges, scientific advancements, new agri-input items, new technology, and the most recent news and analysis on agricultural developments.

New Era Agriculture magazine focuses on awareness creation and enhanced use of appropriate technology in agriculture and allied sectors. It is a peer-reviewed, open-access monthly publication that was founded with the goal of disseminating knowledge on new discoveries and processes. Apart from agriculture, it also focuses on environmental issues, which are of increased relevance in the current climate and must be addressed by agriculturists. By publishing articles that address present and future needs, this magazine provides a platform for researchers, scientists, students, inventive and progressive farmers, and other members of the scientific community to share their innovative ideas and raise awareness in the society. The New Era Agriculture magazine also strives to provide a forum for various agro and agri-tech start-ups to present their success stories, business ideas, and strategies in order to entice a larger audience.

Articles on agriculture, soil science, horticulture, Plant breeding, Plant protection, agricultural advice, economics, forestry, seed technology, Livestock Dairy products, fisheries, sericulture, irrigation science, agricultural engineering, Veterinary medicine, agribusiness Management, natural resource management, botany, home economics, Ecology, biochemistry, Biotechnology, waste management, environmental science, Community science and background information on technology and related sciences published in this magazine. Effective and content-rich information transfer is a top priority. Advances in new and innovative opportunities in the agricultural and allied sectors have become so important Grassroots and all such institutions, organizations, and Industry stakeholders keep informed of the latest developments.

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